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Free Graphic Organizers for Visual Learners---and You!

Children and adults challenged with ADD/ADHD can often learn more easily and successfully when graphic organizers are introduced during the learning process.  Using a cluster format, storyboard, or other graphic organizer can mean all the difference when studying for a test, outlining a unit, writing a paper, etc.  Those not challenged by learning disabilities can benefit, too.  See your organizational skills take off!
The following link offers a "buffet" of various graphic organizers that will allow you to pick and choose what will work for you:
The following link might offer even more help (many more choices!):
Pick the one or ones that work best for the job/project you are trying to do.
Hope these help.
Miss Joan
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Posted: Friday, September 19, 2008 8:19 PM by Joan Brennan

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